Are You Living The Life Of Your Dreams?

I have read hundreds of books and listened to thousands of audio books, tapes, CD’s and watched numerous videos on a wide range of subject matter.  Why? Because my mother told me something a long time ago that still resonates with me to this day. She said to me, there is no limit to what you can learn, because “everything  that you ever want to know is in a book some where.” All you have to do is read and apply what you learn.  Sounds simple enough, right?

Statistics show that if you take 100 men age 25 and ask them what their dreams are you will get 100 very vivid and passionate answers. If you were to track these same 100 men until age 65, this would look like. 1 would be independently wealthy, 4 would be considered well off, 65 will still be working, 25 will be dependent on someone else and the remainder will most likely be dead.

Why is that only 5 out of the 100 are what most people would consider successful? It  is because they applied a principle that most people know about but never get a round to doing. And what is that? you may ask, it is writing down their goals. Amazing! isn’t it?

You can put yourself in the top one percent just by doing this one simple and yet very powerful thing. “What the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve”  That is one of the steps to learning the secret. With that in mind I want you to ask yourself;  What do  I really want out of life?  Love, money, a good career, new car, house or perhaps a happy family life, and close friends.  Write it down!!!

If you ask a child that question, what do you want out of life? You will get answers full of endless  possibilities, why? Because in there minds they can have anything they want and so can you, if you learn the secret.

I ask you, what happened to the dreams you had as a child? Where did they all go?  Who convinced you that you were not worthy, or you did deserve to live the life of your dreams?  Many of people blame our parents, friends, family, our boss, our teacher, etc…  I often hear people say things like; “I am a product of my environment”; “I guess I wasn’t in the cards for me”; “Man you know they won’t let us get ahead”; to justify to themselves why they have stopped believing they could have anything in the world they want.

By skillful direction you will wage your war, And through many advisers there is victory. . .(Proverbs 24:6)

I am convinced that you can start from where you are right now and in a relatively short period begin to effect change in your life and see tangible  results.  You will effect changes in your life that are so powerful that some of your friends and family may become envious. We will teach you how to overcome that. For many is best to allow them to see how the change in your thinking has effected manifestation of your goal in your life.  Then not only will you be convinced they will be eye witness to the power behind the secret.

As you continue to read and apply the things that you learn to a greater extent. if you are willing to allow me to be your adviser,  you will learn what it take to produce dynamic positive results in your life. The great fight, struggle or war that we all have is not external but internal between our two ears, it is learning to control our thinking.

There are many tools that I be introducing they are books that read that I feel will assist in taking control of your brain.

I will like to your thoughts, questions that you may have to share would be appreciated.





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